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Atlanta truck accident lawyer – 18 wheeler accident

If you have been in an accident involving a large commercial truck, you can begin building your case today. Often, these accidents are caused by the truck driver’s negligence. Not only that, but many times the truck company is found at fault through negligence as well.

Trucks are the most powerful vehicles on the road. They are responsible for driving according to the laws of the road and what is expected of them. Truck drivers and their companies should be held accountable if they caused your accident.

Their enormous size can cause serious life-changing injuries. You shouldn’t have to suffer more than you have to after an accident. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyer can work together in getting the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with Truck Accidents

If you have been in a truck accident and are seeking compensation, it is most likely you wish to bring a personal injury case. The main argument in such a case is that the driver of the truck (or the other truck, if you were also driving a truck) was being negligent, leading to the injury. To successfully win such a case, you must show:

  • That the plaintiff should have exercised reasonable care and did not, and
  • That the failure on the part of the plaintiff to do so resulted in injury on the part of the defendant

If you can show both of these, there is a good chance you can win your suit. But you will still need the help of an experienced lawyer to put your case together and bring it to court with the best chances of winning.

Our Atlanta truck accident lawyer would be happy to help you today, beginning with a free consultation.

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