The Essential Guide: Why Everyone Needs a Will in Georgia

Protecting your family\’s future and safeguarding your assets are paramount. Yet, a vast number of Georgians neglect the crucial step of drafting a will, often under the misconception that it\’s reserved for the affluent or those in their twilight years. At Samuel Johnson and Associates, our experience underscores the universal need for a will, regardless of one\’s age or financial standing. Here\’s an in-depth look at why:

Precision in Asset Inheritance

Georgia\’s intestate succession laws dictate asset distribution in the absence of a will. This automated distribution might not mirror your personal desires:

  • A surviving spouse, even with children, is entitled to at least a third of the estate, with the remainder apportioned among offspring.
  • Absence of direct descendants sees assets directed to immediate relatives – from parents to siblings.
  • In extreme cases where no close kin exists, the assets might be absorbed by the state. A custom-drafted will sidesteps these defaults, enabling you to allocate assets with precision, whether to loved ones or charitable organizations.

Guardianship for the Youngest Members

Beyond asset distribution, wills play a pivotal role for parents. In the unfortunate scenario of both parents passing, a will is your voice in selecting a guardian for your children. Without it, the court\’s decision might not align with your preferred choice.

Streamlined Probate Proceedings

The complexities of Georgia\’s probate courts can be daunting. A structured will simplifies this intricate process, shielding your family from potential bureaucratic hurdles. Our team at Samuel Johnson and Associates consistently observes the tangible benefits a thorough will brings to grieving families.


Diminishing Inheritance Conflicts

Ambiguities in estate distribution are fertile grounds for familial conflicts. A detailed will eradicates ambiguities, fostering familial harmony in trying times.

Adaptable Estate Planning

Life\’s unpredictability necessitates flexibility. Georgia\’s laws acknowledge this, allowing wills to evolve in tandem with major life milestones, from marriages to births or financial windfalls.

Philanthropic Legacies

Beyond family, a will embodies your broader societal commitments. Whether it\’s a bequest to a lifelong friend or an endowment to a cherished charity, your will ensures these commitments aren\’t sidelined.

Astute Tax Planning

Estate taxes can be sizable. Through judicious planning within your will, you can optimize the financial impact, ensuring beneficiaries receive their rightful share without undue tax burdens.

Handpicking Your Estate\’s Steward

Your executor—responsible for marshalling and distributing your estate—is your posthumous proxy. Your will is the document that entrusts this pivotal role to a chosen individual, ensuring diligence in fulfilling your last wishes.

With Samuel Johnson and Associates by your side, Georgians are empowered to craft comprehensive wills that resonate with their aspirations. Drafting a will isn\’t an attempt to forecast the future; it\’s a tool to shape it. Engage with our seasoned team to navigate this paramount journey. Contact us today!

To learn how to write a will, visit the Georgia website here.

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