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There are many companies and people who neglect the responsibility of placing the right safety measures. If you have fallen in any establishment or place, consider calling us right away. Your injuries should not be left alone with you. Someone may have been a part of the problem.

Slip and fall accidents are serious. Not only does it affect you or your loved one, but it could happen to someone else. We don’t want that to happen. When we represent you, we can fight together to defend your injustice and prevent future injuries to someone else.

Here are some possibilities for why you fell:

  • you missed a step
  • you slipped on something on the stairs
  • you tripped over your coat, your dress, your belt, or something else
  • you reached for something (perhaps a handrail or your phone) and lost your balance
  • the risers (the height of each step) were of varying heights, which unknowingly destabilized you as you descended the stairs and caused you to lose your balance and fall

People with a potential personal injury case usually need a lawyer sooner rather than later and slip and fall cases are no exception. Our attorneys in Atlanta have experience holding negligence property owners liable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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