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Motorcyclists can be fast and injure you by surprise. If the driver ignored or neglected any serious traffic laws, you could be taken care of through a strong case.

Or maybe you were the motorcyclist, and someone hit you while you were riding your bike. Often times, it’s because a driver didn’t do his diligence by checking to see if you were there. We can represent you and your case.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are like many other types of vehicle collision in that they occur on the road in a myriad of situations. Most commonly, motorcycle accidents happen when:

  • The other vehicle violates the right of way
  • Other drivers don’t notice motorcyclists, because they aren’t as large as cars or trucks, and hit them
  • Sudden stops causing impacts
  • Pile-ups
  • Sideswipes caused by passing too close or moving into the opposite lane

If you’re ready to get in touch with our Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer to help you get the compensation you might be owed for injuries, failure to work or other adverse consequences resulting from an accident, don’t wait. Many motorcycle accidents are the result of another driver’s negligence, which means you can get significant compensation for what has happened to you. That is only true, however, when you work with a reputable attorney who has experience in this type of case.

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