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Undefeated Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers in Georgia

Samuel Johnson and Associates represent your interests. With our trial expertise in litigation, you can trust that we will represent you with strength. Your attorney will fight for you.

Under the supervision of Samuel Johnson, our firm has managed cases in a diverse range of areas. In the event you need legal counsel in the areas of personal injury litigation, criminal litigation, family litigation, civil litigation, immigration litigation, tenant litigation or any other fields, we are qualified to assist you.

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We are the insurance fighters, dedicated to championing your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.
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Our History

  • Samuel Johnson is considered one of the best attorneys in the Georgia area.
  • He has a proven record of winning trials and can assure clients that they will be represented by the finest firm.
  • Samuel specializes in personal injury law, civil law, criminal law, immigration law, and bankruptcy law.
  • Prior to becoming an attorney, Samuel served his community as a former Detective, former Police Officer, and Deputy Sheriff.
  • He has also held positions as Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, and Executive Board Member for several organizations.
  • Currently, Samuel is serving his community as a Free and Accepted Mason and a Deputy Sheriff with Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • He has worked as a Senior Trial Attorney for several private law firms and insurance companies in the past.
  • Samuel has extensive experience in prosecuting individuals who have committed a wide range of crimes, including misdemeanors and felonies.

Why Choose Samuel Johnson & Associates
Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers?

Choose Samuel Johnson & Associates for expert personal injury representation and dedicated advocacy.

No Fee Unless You Win

We believe in prioritizing our clients' interests. That's why we operate on a 'no fee unless you win' basis, ensuring our dedication to your case's success aligns with your financial peace of mind.

Multi Billions in Recoveries

We have secured multi-millions in recoveries for our clients, showcasing our relentless advocacy and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes in even the most complex cases.

Thousands of Happy Clients

Our success is measured by the thousands of happy clients we've served. With each satisfied individual, we affirm our dedication to providing exceptional legal representation and achieving favorable results.

We are Undefeated

Our track record speaks volumes—we are undefeated. With a relentless pursuit of justice and unwavering dedication to our clients' cases, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the legal arena.

What Our Clients Say

“Samuel and johnson highly recommend for any accident case. Staff is friendly and always feel welcomed when coming into the office. The communication throughout the case and guidance was a 10/10.”
Isabela Petta
“I had the best experience with attorney Johnson. They really worked hard on my case and got me the best settlement possible. The staff was extremely helpful and communicated well:”
Pascal Contant
“Great experience. Samuel Johnson Associates are amazing, easy working with, accomplishing all your goals and making sure you are taken care and deserve the best care. You are their top priority. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable.”
Sercan Civan