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At our firm, we’re passionate about securing the maximum compensation for our clients. Like family, we stand by you every step of the way, fighting fiercely to ensure you receive the justice and support you deserve.

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Undefeated Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers in Georgia

At Samuel Johnson and Associates, we represent your interests with trial expertise and unwavering strength. Led by Samuel Johnson, our firm has managed diverse cases in personal injury, criminal law, family law, immigration law, and more. With a background as a Detective, Police Officer, and Deputy Sheriff, Samuel brings invaluable experience to every case, ensuring our clients receive the most skilled representation available. We are known for our compassionate, client-focused approach and are committed to fighting for justice and protecting the rights of our clients.

Why Choose Samuel Johnson & Associates Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers?

No Fee Unless You Win

Our 'no fee unless you win' policy ensures your peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Multi Millions in Recoveries

we prioritize our clients' interests by operating on a 'no fee unless you win' basis, ensuring our dedication to your case's success aligns with your financial peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Clients

Our success is measured by thousands of satisfied clients. Each one reaffirms our dedication to exceptional representation and favorable outcomes.

We are Undefeated

We've secured multi-million recoveries, showcasing our relentless advocacy. Trust us for favorable outcomes in complex cases.

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Our Areas of Practice

Our practice areas span diverse legal needs, from personal injury to corporate litigation, ensuring expert representation for every client.

Car Accidents

We excel in car accident cases, securing fair compensation for our clients.

Truck Accidents

We are experts in truck accident cases, dedicated to securing maximum compensation for our clients.

Personal Injury

We specialize in personal injury cases, providing compassionate support and fighting tirelessly for fair compensation.


We are dedicated to immigration law, helping individuals navigate complex processes and achieve their immigration goals.

Family Law

We specialize in family law, offering compassionate support and expert guidance to navigate sensitive legal matters.

Traffic Citations

We handle traffic citations with expertise, working to minimize consequences and protect our clients’ rights.”

Our Story

Discover Samuel Johnson and Associates, where our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction drives every aspect of our practice. With a team of experienced legal professionals committed to your success, we provide expert guidance and relentless advocacy for all your legal needs. Trust [Law Firm Name] to navigate the complexities of the law with precision and care.

“I was recommending to call Samuel Johnson for my attorney after my accident. They were very fast to respond to my case and needs. The entire experience was made much easier than I expected after hearing the person who hit me was under insured. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of this case. I recommend!”
David Sanders
"Had the best support and I was walked through every process. Here at Samuel Johnson they will fight your case until you are satisfied. And I can truly say my case has ended and I was extremely satisfied with everything."
Valeria Barahona
“The staff of this office is wonderful - they have been working on my very difficult case for some time now and I am very grateful for a good outcome. The attorney Nasim helped me through a lot of this process! She is GREAT! ❤️ thank you Samuel Johnson and Associates”
Shannon Vercher